Property ICOs

Property Developers

All property developers share the same problem – raising finance is difficult, costly and unreliable.

At Corre Innovation we offer a unique solution to this problem.

Imagine a world where you can:

  • Raise finance without having to pay ANY interest
  • Raise finance without giving away a shareholding
  • Raise finance from thousands of investors who share your passion for property
  • Raise finance without ever having to worry about a bank calling in your loan

Corre Innovation can deliver this world.

"At Corre Innovation we offer unique solutions"

Initial Coin Offering

Corre Innovation Consulting

Corre Innovation has a consultancy practice that helps businesses in a wide variety of sectors raise money through ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). An ICO is an innovative way to raise finance for your business without having to give away equity in your business or pay exorbitant rates of interest on debt.

We will hand hold you through the entire process from initial concept to successful launch.

For you as a Property Developer, successfully launching a Property ICO is the combination of your and our core competencies to produce an exceptional outcome. And the more exceptional your aspirations, the more we can do to help you raise your funds.

Property ICO investors are attracted to innovation, building designs that meet the challenges of energy efficiency, environmental sensitivity and solving the affordable housing crisis, as well as excellence in specific areas and associations with leaders in the property development sector.

Why Corre Innovation?

Unlike a lot of companies in the Crypto/ICO consulting space which are brand new with little or no trading history, Corre Innovation comes from an established professional services company that can leverage:

  • An expansive consulting network of over 1,200 expert consultants
  • The financial strength of a $200m turnover group
  • An 11 year trading history
  • Global Presence

To bring together the right combination of skills, expertise and confidence to deliver on our capabilities.

Corre Innovation's Competencies

The 3 core service areas to enable you to plan, develop and launch your ICO are Business, Technical and Legal. Corre Innovation’s competencies in these areas can be summarised as follows:

Business Strategy

  • Translating your brand and unique vision into collateral and design tailored for the ICO launch programme
  • Guidance on key elements to develop a successful White Paper strategy
  • Development of a tokenisation process within the business
  • Advice and guidance on the structure of the ICO raise; soft cap and hard cap amounts
  • Assistance with company jurisdiction and company formation
  • Introduction to industry relevant advisors and partners

Technology Experts

  • Platform agnostic approach to ensure the best fit for your desired outcomes
  • Access to the latest research & development information to ensure use of latest technical platforms and developments in the industry
  • Contract administration, management and reconciliation applications
  • Smart contract and book building guidance
  • Consultancy on information security for you and your investors
  • The latest KYC/AML compliance and managements systems to ensure integrity

Legal Consultancy

  • White Paper draft, development and finalisation
  • Legal management on token concepts including KYC, AML, and securities compliance
  • Company protection recommendations, risk minimization during Token release
  • Comprehensive legal documentation package including Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Token Purchase Agreement
  • Experienced ICO legal advisors

You will then need to decide on your marketing budget. Corre Innovation can help you with this and connect you to the perfect marketing partner to suit your vision and mission.

How can Corre help me?

An ICO will take between 3 to 5 months to prepare for launch and 2-3 months to complete the stages of the actual ICO launch. This is explained in greater detail in our ICO web pages. After that you will have raised your funds and you can realise your dreams!

There are many variables in the costs, depending on what kind of product you have, what specific market within property you are aiming for and what level of investment you are aiming to attract. All of these are assessed by Corre in the early stages of our ICO consultancy and will inform the budget required to facilitate a full ICO launch. It is important to note that the only upfront costs are those chargeable on the lead up to launch.

Any costs post ICO launch will be covered in the initial fundraising activity.


  • With existing investment options you can unlock your full potential.
  • Corre will open the door to a level of value creation in your business you have only ever dreamed of.
  • Make it a reality today – contact Corre Innovation